Rewatch Camouflage 2022

Recap video by Tim König

‘Fake it ’till you make it’, some say. ‘Pretend and invent’, ‘copy and paste’. The idea: By dressing like, speaking like or acting like others, we will ultimately find the confidence to do our own thing. The problem: If we imitate for too long, if we copy too much, we run the risk of losing our own identity. That’s why every Instagram account looks exactly the same. But with an ongoing war in Europe and with millions under attack, the strategy fulfills another purpose altogether: Protection. Taken from the animal world, camouflage is often the best way to survive in extreme circumstances.

But what does great design have to do with any of this? Well, the best designers find the right balance between imitation and origination. They do their own thing, while not being afraid to draw on what others have already created. And they know that sometimes, imitation can literally save lives. At the OFFF DACH 2022—“Camouflage”, we will bring together the best designers from East and West to discuss what we can learn while imitating and copying. And we will ask them why it’s sometimes necessary to hide – even if it’s in plain sight.

Live from VIE