Rewatch Misfits 2021

Worldwide speaker

In an increasingly fast, digital, and complex world it can be hard to feel like we are part of anything. But who says we need to? Truly good design, after all, doesn't adapt, it challenges the status quo. With that thought in mind, we set out to celebrate being misfits together – at OFFF 2021 on December 2nd! With speakers from all over the world, as well as local talents from the German-speaking region, we hosted a digital, 9-hour long design festival to provide designers with a platform to share their stories and experiences with the OFFF community. A huge thank you goes out to the amazingly talented team at Creative Studio Carbon who created a powerful and visually stunning main title video to launch this year's festival day. Obviously, we want to thank all our other speakers for their contributions as well as our viewers for tuning in. All of the talks from OFFF DACH 2021 are also available to watch on Youtube, so head over there and browse through our line-up. There's something there for everyone!

Live from vie